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Connection between pipe and connectors
like a single piece. Fog 40 is the most effective solution for cooling, humidifying, creating special effects, and controlling dust and odours in small sized areas. The Kit Fog 40 Linea uses a high pressure pipe made of polyamide and quick connectors produced by Idrotech for a perfect connection between the accessories, thus preventing water leakages that can occur when using quick connectors and polyamide pipes from two different suppliers.

Simple and effective
The most effective solution for cooling, creating special effectshumidification, and controlling dust and odours in small and
medium sized areas.


Frame made of powder painted galvanized plate
Motor-pump 1450Rpm, 230V-50Hz with volumetric vane pump
L.p. solenoid valve 230V-50Hz, inlet water.
H.p. solenoid valve 230V-50Hz, to discharge the line
L.p. pressure switch for lack of water
By-pass valve
Control panel complete with: thermal ON/OFF switch, continuous work or with 3 pause/work time settings.
Preset for connecting external devices (tank level sensors, fans, UV lamp, lights)