Misting Pump Fog Extra

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Compact and versatile. The most compact and versatile solution to cool, create fog effects, humidify, suppress dust and odours in small and medium sized areas. Wide variety of accessories and types of lines configurable as required. The new control panel enables rapid and precise settings of work times and management of any optional sensors connected.

New safety system: in the event of pipe breakage on the fog nozzle lines, the system automatically shuts down to prevent flooding where the lines are installed

Fog module 60bar from 6 to 137 nozzles 50Hz


ModelPump*No. of nozzlesMax pressureFlow ratePowerWeight
Fog Extra 05/60axial pump with 2 pistons660bar0,5l/min125W (2x230V 50Hz)15Kg
Fog Extra 1/60Axial pump with 2 pistons1260bar1l/min200W (2x230V 50Hz)15Kg
Fog Extra 2/60Axial pump with 3 pistons2560bar2l/min720W (2x230V 50/60Hz)30Kg
Fog Extra 4/60Axial pump with 3 pistons5060bar4l/min950W (2x230V 50/60Hz)30Kg
Fog Extra 6/60Axial pump with 3 pistons7060bar6l/min1180W (2x230V 50/60Hz)30Kg
Fog Extra 8/60Crankshaft pump with 3 pistons10060bar8l/min1500W (3x400V 50)35Kg
Fog Extra 11/60Crankshaft pump with 3 pistons13760bar11l/min1500W (3x400V 50)35Kg