Air Cooler & Fan Rental

Industrial Air Cooler MC24

Industrial Air Cooler MC24

AED 270/Day


Portable Air Cooler MAX 9

AED 175/Day


Portable Mist Fan Rental

AED 100/Day

Industrial Pedestal Fan

Industrial Pedestal Fan Rental

AED 80/Day

Misting Fan MC20X

Industrial Misting Fan MC20X

AED 270/Day

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    Cooler for Rent

    During summer in UAE, you might need some time to host a party or an event in your villa garden or even in an outdoor area but with such a hot summer you will face problems with keeping your guests comfortable with cold air out there.

    In such situation, we are recommending you to RENT one of our Air coolers. we will take care of the delivery, installation, and pickups So you don’t even have to think about this problem. We are the leading providers of Outdoor Air Cooler on Rent. If you are looking for best Outdoor AC Rental Dubai so give us a chance and make your event very comfortable.

    Our services are just a step far from you. give us a call or drop an email and let us take this mission.

    Outdoor Air Cooler Rental

    Outdoor Air cooler is the best machine to cool down your outdoor party , event and majlis, you can simply place the outdoor air cooler next to the tables of the guests. hire Outdoor Air Cooler Rental in Dubai And Abu Dhabi Once the temperature stats rising , your workers start suffering and that is obvious as no one likes to work in a warehouse where is the temperature more than 40 C , so as a warehouse manager or as a business man you can not afford to loss business so what you can simply do is to rent our industrial air cooler and let your worker enjoy the cold air while they are working.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    If you are hosting an event inside your warehouse so renting an air cooler would be very helpful

    If you are hosting an event inside your warehouse so renting an air cooler would be very helpful/ Please note that we only recommend to rent air cooler inside warehouse during autumn and spring season while if your events is during summer season we only recommend renting air conditioner

    You can rent air cooler during the event as a back up for your AC system/ Using air cooler indoor will help in two things, reduce the temperature as well as circulate the air inside the place

    Yes we do have small sizes of air cooler which are suitable for offices as it is silent with less air flow in order not to disturb the employees/ Yes but make sure that temperature is not more than 30c otherwise air cooler will not work properly

    Yes as air cooler is the only machine which can cool open and semi open places unlike the air conditioner which can perform well only if the place is closed/ During the parents meeting day, mother day or national day renting air cooler is crucial if you are hosting this event outdoor

    Air cooler is It’s not only a powerful machine which can convert your outdoor area into a comfort zone/ air coolers are easy to install and also portable which make them ideal for events, parties, and concerts

    Yes we provide high quality cables and water prove sockets along with our air coolers rental/ We don't charge for cables and extensions

    You can rent as little as one, and as many as you want./ We always recommend our customers to consult with our sales to help them determine the number of require air coolers

    For larger orders of ten and above, you need to do a booking at least five days ahead of your event/ For any orders smaller than ten, three days would suffice.

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