The Essential Spare Parts of Air Cooler

Air Cooler Repairing Process


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Why Choose Cool Master UAE Repair Services?

  • We provide well-trained professional to your doorstep at your desired slot time.
  • Genuine spare parts are replaced at fixed cost when old ones get damaged.
  • We provide up to one year warranty for all our spare parts.
  • We offer services in both commercial and residential spaces of any air cooler brand.

What Are The Major Problems With Air Coolers & How To Fix Them?

Replace or Fix The Fan Motor

Replace the swing motor

Replace the cooling pad and fix the water pump

Replace the water pump and filter

Replace the control panel and check the electrical system of the air cooler

Benefits of Cooling Pad Replacement on yearly basis

  • The life of a cooling pad is for one season only, after that evaporation is reduced.
  • The cooling pad is the only cooling media for effective cooling.
  • Choking of pads can give bad smell.
  • Choking of pads can breed germs / bacteria.
  • Choking of pads will result in less air delivery.
  • Choking of pads will result in overload on motor, thus causing more power consumption.
  • Sagging pads lead to water throwing & other problems.
  • Yearly change of cooling pad provides optimum cooling.

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