Industrial & Misting Fans in Dubai

Cool Master has the High-Quality Misting Fans in the Dubai

The main purpose of misting fan is to cool down the surroundings. However, not like those evaporative coolers, the misting fan does not use recycle water with possible bacteria.
Misting Fan in accordance with the principle of water atomization into two categories:

Mist Fan WMF26

Centrifugal Misting Fan

Centrifugal Misting Fan works in the rotating disc and fog droplets under the action of the device, the use of centrifugal force to produce ultra-small droplets, thus greatly improving the evaporation surface area; droplets through the strong fan blowing air, to improve the liquid surface wind to speed up the diffusion of gas molecules, so the evaporation of water greatly increased, the water in the evaporation process to absorb heat and reduce temperature, while improving air relative humidity, reduce dust, clean air; Is the use of centrifugal force generated droplets, so called centrifugal Misting Fa

High-Pressure Nozzle Misting Fan

When operating misting fan, the freshwater is drawn from a source and then filtered before use. Then the high pressure (1000 psi) water and nozzle combination produce a very fine mist which quickly evaporates. In fact, the mist evaporates when comes out with blown air. The evaporation requires energy consumption, which is obtained by drawing heat out of the air, thus cooling the air dramatically.

Dual Misting Fan

Other Benefits of Misting Fans for Outdoor Usage:

Always with fresh water

Stand on a small footprint, it is extremely moveable and easy to transport

Self-contained machines do not need a permanent water supply

Very quiet in operating

High energy efficiency in cooling

Mist is blown by fan for very good distribution

Wall Fan MC26W

Industrial Fan

Many factories and other industrial sites require air movement. Industrial fans stir up the air inside enclosed spaces, replacing old and polluted air with fresh. These fans can be used to cool and dry many places, including construction sites and gymnasiums that have frequent hot and sweaty patrons. They are indispensable in factory environments where they can reduce heat and prevent stagnation. The quality and function of industrial fans are a way to protect the health and safety of thousands of customers and workers.
At Cool Master we supply many types and sizes of industrial fans for different applications and uses. The environment will determine the size of an industrial fan. Our Industrial Fans are typically used in high-volume, high-pressure applications. Cool Master Industrial Pedestal Fans are best for cleanups or in small spaces that require air circulation.

Greater Air Circulation

While other circulators push air in one direction, like ceiling fans pushing down, industrial fans can push air throughout a space. Whether they are wall mounted or placed on the floor, Cool Master Industrial Fan feature 90° auto oscillating, the fan head can swivel to blow air in a wide range of angles. This is makes them great for moving cool air around an area or removing heat that rises to the ceiling.

Why Cool Master Industrial Fan?

Premium Quality, with 100% copper motor, durable aluminum blades, powder coated steel construction, rust-resistant grille, high graded components and one year limited warranty, Cool Master Industrial Fan are Built to Last.

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