Cool Master has the Widest Selection of High-Quality Air Coolers in Dubai

Cool Master has only the best-in-class products to deliver results as promised. The versatile inventory is specially curated to satisfy the distinctive demands of every client. We vouch for our extensive collection of evaporative coolers in Dubai. Cool Master guarantees convenience at an affordable rate. These coolers use revolutionary technology to fight the extreme summer heat. Besides, cool the surrounding air of outdoor spaces in no time. You can place the coolers at different corners and the latest features will help in 360-degree air circulation.

Three Reasons to Choose Cool Master UAE to buy an Evaporative Air Cooler?

Serves Varying Customer Needs

All the products are designed to meet variable cooling needs, irrespective of location and events

Trustworthy Brand with Quality Offering

Cool Master is a trustworthy choice for premium performance. Our products deliver durability and flexibility throughout all seasons


We are committed to delivering dedicated 24*7 customer service and support. All your concerns are addressed with utmost priority

How does an Evaporative Air Cooler Work?

Imagine setting up a luxurious arrangement in an outdoor setting area or terrace. You have decorated it beautifully to welcome guests and make them feel homely. But what about comfort? Can your guests relax amidst the soaring temperatures of UAE? Well, an evaporative air cooler is the most recommended outdoor cooling solution. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient. High-profile event planners consider it to be the best product for quick results.

As a matter of fact, customers widely prefer this type of air cooler over an air conditioner or any other air cooling option. So, how does it work? An outdoor evaporative air cooler, also known as a swamp cooler, has a simple mechanism. Hot air passes through specific evaporative mediums like a sponge. Then, the water evaporates and cools the air. The temperature will significantly change by 8 to 12°C. Thus, if the temperature in Dubai is 40°C, it will get reduced to a comfortable 28° C

Moreover, it helps reduce humidity in the air, thereby cooling the entire area. You will remain dry and sweat-free. However, the product requires no maintenance and will operate smoothly for years without interruptions. Even if there is a sizable gathering in an event in Dubai, this cooler will help in proper ventilation of cool air.

Why must you select an evaporative cooler?

To cover and cool a large area in less time

Ideal for terraces, patios, outdoor seating, warehouses etc

Best suited for arid climate

Avoid a wet and messy situation

An energy-saving cooler that consumes less water

Minimum installation and maintenance charge

Cool Master has evaporative coolers available in various sizes. If you go for midsize evaporative coolers such as BM10 Premium, it easily covers about 5,800 cubic feet every minute. So, if you have a 20-feet wide by 45-feet long patio, it will just take a few minutes to attain a comfortable temperature. There are even larger Cool Master evaporative models like MC24 for cooling huge spaces. These coolers have robust construction and come equipped with a strong motor to perform any heavy-duty task. Thus, focus on making your event the talk of the town, and Cool Master coolers will take care of comfort.

Need assistance with installation or any other guidance? Cool Master will be happy to help you. Since its inception, Cool Master has earned the trust of customers. We promise 360-degree services anywhere in Dubai and UAE. Hence, plan the best events in Dubai and never worry about the weather.

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