Misting System in Dubai


Climate Control In Green Houses

Climate or temperature control for a green house is a very important aspect for healthy growth of plants. Ventilation process and amount of sun rays and affect the temperature of the green house. Green house is supposed to store heat from the sun rays. And if nothing is interrupted then it will keep storing the heat and the temperature will keep rising until sunset.
For this our misting system can be of great help to control the temperature with in the green house and to keep plants fresh. With this plants can also have the continuous water supply though mist which they need from proper plantation. And you can also control the climate with in the green house

Residential and Commercial Misting

Cooler & Heater misting systems for civil and commercial cooling. We offer custom solutions to satisfy any need in the misting sector. We design and produce misting systems using high-quality components. Our systems offer a versatile solution, especially when a traditional air-conditioner would be ineffective or too costly.
The systems can be installed both outdoors and indoors and are available in easy-to-install kits. The misting system brings water to a pressure of 60 to 100 bar and, by means of special nozzles, atomizes it into droplets of just 10 microns. The atomized water evaporates instantly, lowering the ambient temperature.


Fresh Product Counter Humidification

At everywhere, fresh things attracts people to get in, from FARM HOUSE till the display counter all products need to be fresh.
Due to hot and dry season, normally eatables items and flowers get spoiled quickly which is unbearable scenario for the owners, the preventive action is to give them more freshens and prolong life, in this regard fresh product counter humidification system is so common, to reduce the effect of less life on vegetable, fruits and flowers, micro particles (Natural Misting) of the water spray helps them to look as fresh as they are.

Livestock Farms Poultry, Sheep, Horses and Cows

Are you into live stocks or animals? And facing issues with this scorching heat of Emirates? Don’t worry we have a solution for your problem.

Our advanced misting and cooling system can easily keep your animals and live stocks cool and can help you in the healthy growth.


Who Needs a Mosquito Misting System?

Typically, keeping yourself safe from mosquitos can be a tedious process. You may look to hire a mosquito control company to come out and spray periodically through the seasons. Meanwhile, when the short-term backyard spraying wears off, you have to apply irritating insect repellent. If you really want to enjoy a mosquito-free backyard for parties and family get-togethers, you’ll want to install one of our automated misting systems.

Accessories & Spare Parts of Misting System

Elbow Push-in Fitting

Elbow Push-in Fitting

AED 30/-

End Cap

End Cap Push-in Fitting

AED 25/-

Misting Nylon Tubing

High Pressure Misting Nylon Tubing

AED 10/-

Nozzle Holder

Nozzle Holder Push-in Fitting

AED 35/-

Misting Ring 5 Nozzles

AED 200/-

Mist Nozzles with Filter

AED 12/-

Nozzle Nickel Plated

Nozzle Nickel Plated 0,20MM 10/24

AED 25/-


Tee-Connector Push-in Fitting

AED 35/-

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