Our Vision

Why industrial cooling

Unlike the commercial and residential cooling, industrial cooling has many strategies and methods which cannot be counted in one or even two hands fingers, hence, what is industrial cooling how dose it work? Industrial cooling as the cooling methods which ... Read more

Temporary Cooling

Our A/C split units are designed to be used in different size of applications, small applications like offices, data centers, rooms and large applications such as warehouses and tents. Our air conditioning unit will not only serve to cool down ... Read more

Warehouse cooling Ideas

When Workers Get Fatigued Due To The Extreme Heat, They Can Lose Their Productivity. Fortunately, This Problem Can Be Avoided If You Use Warehouse Cooling Systems. Here are ways you can keep your warehouse cool during the summer – and ... Read more

Heat Load Calculation

A heat load calculation determines the amount of heat energy that should be removed from a certain place to reach the desired temperature or the quantity of cooling which is require to achieve the desired temperature which are usually measured ... Read more