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    Do you want install misting system in your backyard, warehouse ,restaurant etc…but you don’t know where to start ?We will take you step by step!


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    Has the harsh weather during summer season in UAE made it almost impossible for you to sit on your home’s patio? You don’t need to worry at all with our outdoor high pressure fog cooling systems which is designed to make your outdoor area more comfortable. I’m sure you were concern about your kids while they are playing in the backyard of your house and you were thinking how I can make sure they are safe while the temperature outside is more than 40 C, so let me tell you one thing that our system can reduce the ambient temperature more than 10 degrees so do you still thinking what is the solution?

    Misting systems have been used in outdoor cooling applications for decades, but what make us different or one of the best?

    We stoke different types and sizes of pumps, nozzles, pipes and fitting which are suitable for any type of outdoor cooling, unlike others who might have one or two types of these products and which might not be suitable for particular type of outdoor cooling.

    We have a wide range of products which are imported from China, Italy, Spain, USA etc. so we can always work within your budget 50% of the fog system productivity don’t depend on the supplied products!!

     You will be surprised to know that this 50% depends on the design and installation of this system. With more than 10 years’ experience in outdoor cooling, our well trained team can always give you the best results and they always exceed our customer expectations.
    Common Application:
    1. Stockbreeding industry of chicken farm, Cattle Farm etc.;
    2. Dump area to kill virus & bacteria and remove odor;
    3. Open public place remove mosquito & flies;
    4. Mining, explosion-proof remove the dust;
    5. Public washroom remove odor;
    6. Infectious disease & epidemic area kill virus & bacteria;
    7. Villas, townhouses & other high-end house;
    8. Farm stay, shopping malls & others place for decoration;
    9. Vegetable greenhouse, orchards & nurseries

    One thing that bothers people during summer is the heat. They look for different ways to stay cool. High temperature can be very uncomfortable and very irritating. In too much heat you can even suffer from heatstroke or even faint. This is the reason why you should choose us and get the best misting system Dubai. Cool Master UAE is a well-known and reliable company in Dubai. We provide our customers with the best rental services at an affordable price.

    A misting system that we offer to our customers is usually composed of one or more nozzles arranged to provide a cooling spray to cover a certain area. That spray is created after water is forced through the special nozzles that atomise the water droplets and make it appear as a cooling mist.

    Being the best misting system suppliers in UAE we provide our customers and clients with products that have amazing benefits. Some are as follows:

    Heat Reduction

    One of the most obvious benefits of misting system is that it reduces heat to a great extend. Some misting system can also reduce the temperature up to high as 25 degrees which are higher than the conventional air conditioners.

    Insect Repellent

    Flying insects will not escape the droplets from the commercial insect spray. The misting systems make it completely impossible for the mosquitoes, flies and other such flying insects to leave or enter the area where it is used.

    Clean Air

    Along with the flying insects, the misting systems can also help remove the impurities like pollen and dust. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from different allergies.


    The fogging system in Abu Dhabi is good for certain indoor spaces but what about the outdoor space? You can use the fogging or misting system in places where air conditioners are impossible and impractical like the porch or patio or even the pool or garden. The conventional air conditioner will take time to cool places down, whereas the misting system will cool things up faster and easier.


    The greenhouse humidification system Dubai costs less in the long run compared to the air conditioner. You do not have to worry about the machine getting overheated or collecting dust.

    Choose us and get our misting system to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. For more details call us and speak to our executives.

    Misting System

    Misting system is very much needed during summers as it keeps the environment cool and moist. You will see that there are various reasons why you need to have a proper misting system installed in your house or office. In this dry and hot summer, the misting system helps you to avoid certain issues that can occur in summers. However, spending lots and lots of money will not be easy for everyone. In that case, you can check for the services. Having so many options in the market, it becomes difficult and confusing for you to choose from. You can look for a high-quality service that can help you save yourself and the people around you to stay calm.


    Try checking for Misting System Dubai, Misting System Suppliers In UAE which will help you to save more on your pocket and enjoy a cool summer. You need to have high-quality fans that can help you stay comfortable and tackle the heat. You can look for a company supplying misting system equipment and help yourself to beat the beat.


    With summers approaching, it is indeed important for you to get the best services that can help you spend your entire summer with ease. You can also save a good amount of money by choosing to rent rather than buy one. Check for Fogging System Abu Dhabi and you will be able to get the best services. You can also give it a try for renting the services that will help you to get big savings.


    If you are having an outdoor event, then also you can use the high-quality misting system. They will keep the air cool and will serve the purpose right. It will help you to maintain the temperature and enjoy the cool breeze in this hot summer. You will also be able to look for companies that can help you hire misting system services in Abu Dhabi so that you can enjoy summers like never before.


    Getting a reputed company for greenhouse humidification system Dubai will help you to get some high-quality fogging system that will work better and keep the surrounding cool. All you need to do is look for a renowned misting system supplier in Dubai so that you can have an easy summer. Look for a reputed company like Cool Master UAE in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and you can avoid the hassle of paying a heavy amount for buying one.

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