Fogging Pump MC

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This High Pressure Fog Machine offers a variety of different configurations and types of atomization systems for any application, it comes with build in timer to control the misting, it can be adjusted in seconds, minutes and hours. Our fog machine MC serious comes in 5 sizes starting from 1 LPM to 5 LPM and from 20 nozzles to 70 nozzles.

Offer Valid for 1 LPM pump only

  • 1750 AED
  • 1312.5 AED
Model*No. of nozzlesMax pressureFlow ratePowerPipe Length
MC12060bar1 L/min300W (220V 50Hz)25M
MC23060bar2 L/min370W (220V 50Hz)35M
MC34060bar3 L/min750W (220V 50/60Hz)50M
MC45060bar4 L/min800W (220V 50/60Hz)60M
MC57060bar5 L/min1000W (220V 50/60Hz)80M