Industrial Evaporative Cooling System

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Evaporative brings down the temperature through its Evaporative Air conditioning technology. It is a simple process, wherein the cool breeze is created by hot air passing over water soaked cooling pads. Natural evaporation helps soak up the heat and cools the hot air.

The prime features which positions Evaporative above the rest are as below:

1. Non corrosive cabinet. It is made from UV stabilized structural polymer.
2. State of art circuitry designed to control the unit’s parameters to maximize the performance at a lower running cost.
3. Long lasting cooling pads with a life up to five years. The material is extremely stable under UV onslaught and is 100% corrosion proof
4. Super strong Pump, fully encapsulated in fire retardant jacket and long lasting water pump. This pump is super powerful and extremely reliable in extreme conditions.

Evaporative Air Conditioning is ideal for a broad range of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Application. It is a great help in partially covered / ventilated places which require constant flow of cool fresh air and helps in controlling IAQ, heat buildup, smoke, fumes and ensures flow of cool natural air.

Some of the places where Evaporative can be used are listed below:
Commercial kitchens
Restaurants (outdoor)
Outdoor Majlis
Open Kitchens
Airports and Hangar
Bus stops
Animal/ Bird Enclosures.
Green Houses (Specialized Farming)