Misting Pump Fog70 Aperto

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The complete module for all needs. This is the ideal, high quality solution for cooling, creating fog effects, humidifying, suppressing dust and odours in small, medium and large sized areas. Essential in design and extremely competitive in price.

Fog module 70bar from 12 to 470 nozzles 50Hz and 60Hz

New safety system:
in the event of pipe breakage on the fog nozzle lines, the system automatically shuts down to prevent flooding where the lines are installed

ModelNo. of nozzlesPressureFlow ratePowerWeight
FOG 70 APERTO-112*70bar1l/min2hp (3x400V-50Hz)35kg
FOG 70 APERTO-223*70bar2l/min2hp (3x400V-50Hz)35kg
FOG 70 APERTO-445*70bar4l/min2hp (3x400V-50Hz)35kg
FOG 70 APERTO-6,548*70bar6,5l/min2hp (3x400V-50Hz)35kg
FOG 70 APERTO-890*70bar8l/min2hp (3x400V-50Hz)35kg
FOG 70 APERTO-11125*70bar11l/min2hp (3x400V-50Hz)35kg
FOG 70 APERTO-11/60145*65bar11,9l/min2hp (3x400V-60Hz)58kg
FOG 70 APERTO-13150*70bar13l/min3hp (3x400V-50Hz)38,3kg
FOG 70 APERTO-15170*70bar15l/min3hp (3x400V-50Hz)39kg
FOG 70 APERTO-15/60200*70bar15,7l/min3hp (3x400V-60Hz)39kg
FOG 70 APERTO-18205*70bar18l/min4hp (3x400V-50Hz)40kg
FOG 70 APERTO-21235*70bar21l/min4hp (3x400V-50Hz)40kg
FOG 70 APERTO-21/60285*70bar21,6l/min4hp (3x400V-60Hz)40kg
FOG 70 APERTO-26290*70bar26l/min5,5hp (3x400V-50Hz)43kg
FOG 70 APERTO-33370*70bar33l/min8,5hp (3x400V-50Hz)58kg
FOG 70 APERTO-42470*70bar42l/min8,5hp (3x400V-50Hz)58kg