Our A/C split units are designed to be used in different size of applications, small applications like offices, data centers, rooms and large applications such as warehouses and tents. Our air conditioning unit will not only serve to cool down the environment, but will also assist with the management of humidity levels in the air.

These type of air conditioning units are suitable for almost all types of temporary structures and installations.

All Cool Master AC units are modified for quick and easy installation (plug and play) in addition to the usage hydrologic (flexible) pipes and with our well trained AC technician team made the usage of these units hassle free.

Cool Master is proud to say that it will take our professional team 20 minutes to install one AC split unit while others take hours. We have a complete range of systems; 2T, 5T, 6T and 8.5T

Temporary Cooling

A/C Package Unit

Cool Master stocks wide range of A/C package units starting with 10 ton, 15 ton and 25 ton capacity, with the necessary accessories to have the perfect installation so that we ensure the best delivery of airflow and cooling into the concern location/structure.

A/C package units are suitable for most temporary structures and installations specially the big ones such as, showrooms, warehouses, large tents and theaters.

Why you should chose A/C package unit :

  • Quick installation time frames, this system works by installing a package unit on the exterior of the structure, before delivering airflow and cooling through flexible or fixed duct systems which make this system easy and flexible to use.
  • Strong fan which can throw the cold air for long distance (40 to 50 meter depending on the AC capacity) which make this AC more effective in the large structures and places.